/ Workshop: Application of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in the Nuclear Industry

Workshop: Application of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in the Nuclear Industry

13:00 - 15:00


Whilst many in the industry and academia are doing data and AI work in nuclear, there is a lack of community, momentum and coherence about how the two areas can collaborate effectively to meet industry needs.

Building on discussions in Data Week 2021, this workshop will help form an industry-wide response about the benefits of developing AI technologies to reduce costs and construction time of nuclear technologies.


Workshop Chair: Professor Nawal Prinja – Technology Director, Jacobs

Workshop Co-Chair: Professor David Knowles – CEO, The Henry Royce Institute


  • Professor Paul Wilcox – Alan Turing Institute Fellow, University of Bristol                             

Paul has been working in NDE (non-destructive evaluation) for more than 25 years and is an internationally recognised research leader on ultrasonic wave propagation, scattering, data processing, imaging, and analysis for NDE.

Paul will outline the opportunities and challenges for applying data science to NDE in a safety-critical industry such as nuclear, and how this can link into a wider data-centric approach for structural integrity.


  • Amandine Marrel – Research Scientist in AI, machine learning, metamodelling and nuclear, CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission)

Amandine works at CEA in the Energy Division, for the development of probabilistic and statistical approaches for the uncertainty quantification, design, metamodeling and sensitivity analysis of computer experiments, in support of safety studies for nuclear reactors.

The presentation will focus on recent and advanced developments on these topics, illustrated by their application on nuclear use cases.


  • David Smeatham – Head of Innovation, Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR)

David is leading the development of ONR’s approach to innovation. The intention of this work is for ONR to support the adoption of innovative solutions by the nuclear industry and its supply chain where it is in the interest of society and is consistent with safety and security expectations. To assist this, he is developing ONR’s innovation hub.

David will describe the work being undertaken in ONR’s new innovation hub and, in particular, the work recently undertaken by an expert panel on the regulation of AI in the nuclear sector.


  • Michael Martin – Associate Fellow, Rolls Royce


Workshop aims

  1. Build a community of Al and Nuclear industry and academia so we can state our position and requirements to decision-makers and funders (BEIS/EPSRC)
  2. Initiate discussions between people with questions and people with answers so we can facilitate writing proposals in this area.

A diverse range of stakeholders are invited to input into this workshop, to ensure that digital technologies can be adopted into practice: vital if the UK is to achieve its Net Zero targets with a new generation of nuclear power plants.


This event will take place in-person on the University of Bristol campus. Physical attendance is encouraged to maximise networking and discussion but virtual participation is also possible.

It is free to attend in both modes, but please register via the Eventbrite page. Limited in-person tickets remain.


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