Data Week 2021: Nuclear Structural Integrity & Data Automation

Published on: Author: SINDRI Editor

Monday 14th June, 14:00-15:00

Hosted by The South West Nuclear HubThe Alan Turing Institute special interest group in engineering structural integrity and the EDF SINDRI Prosperity Partnership project.

Chair: Nawal Prinja, Technology Director at Jacobs Clean Energy Ltd.


  • Professor Paul Wilcox – Professor of Dynamics and Alan Turing Institute Fellow at the University of Bristol
  • Andy Gettings – Structural Integrity Branch Manager at EDF UK
  • Dr Daniel Cogswell – UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at the University of Sheffield
  • Rob Akers – Advanced Computing Department Manager at UK Atomic Energy Authority
  • Dr Alisa Sratulat – Technology Manager – AI for Materials at Wipar Image Analysis
  • Dr Simon Lewis – Nuclear, renewables and power generation, Norton Straw

A session highlighting key areas driving data automation in nuclear structural integrity. The presentation will set the scene by presenting a high-level description of the roadmap by industry leads.

Safe operation of safety critical plants, such as nuclear, is underpinned by structural integrity assessments of their key components. A structural integrity assessment examines the mechanical state of a structure to determine if it is fit for purpose and safe to operate. At the heart of the process are the material performance models, which use knowledge of loading and operating conditions of components as well as their histories as input .

The material performance models are built on micro/meso scale material characterisation and modelling, supported by a vast legacy of scientific literature and industrial experience. Further, Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) measurements are performed in-service to confirm that the evolution of the material is consistent with model predictions. If discrepancies are found, the assessment models can be updated.

The vast in-service data therefore provides the feedback loop that maintains alignment between the physical and digital domains. The complexity of the underpinning models, the acquisition of high-fidelity digital NDE data, and the need for fast processing of the data and updating the models are key drivers for complete automation of the data analysis workflow.


Registration for this event is via Eventbrite. It will take place online on Monday 14th June, 14:00-15:00.

Data Week Online 2021

This event is part of Data Week Online 2021, organised by the Jean Golding Institute at the University of Bristol. Running from Monday 14 June – Friday 18 June 2021, this will be the 4th annual week-long series of workshops, talks and events in the world of data science and data-intensive research.