PhD students

Over the course of the research programme, the partnership will incorporate eighteen PhD studentships.

Current PhD projects related to the SINDRI Partnership are:

  1. Megan Taylor – Creep-Fatigue Interaction
  2. Cameron Sanderson – Influence of Weld Geometries on Creep-Fatigue Response
  3. Aidan Gunn – Environmental Effects, SCC/Water Chemistry Research
  4. Zach Davey – Combined constraint effect
  5. Chris Allen – Creep-plasticity interaction in high-temperature reactor materials
  1. Alexandre Paget – Modelling of Cold Cracking
  2. James Rafferty – Effect of Stress on Fracture of 316SS in AGR Gas Coolant
  3. Liam Kelly – Residual Stresses and Ductile Fracture
  1. Jorge Andres – Constraint Effects on Creep Crack Growth in Stainless Steel
  2. Edmund Jones – Interpretation of Electrical Potential Drop for Discontinuous Cracking
  3. Chris Morris – Analysis of Creep Crack Growth in Austenitic Steel Weldments