Steering Board

Oversight and governance of the project lies with the Steering Board which will meet at least annually. The Steering Board comprises three senior staff from EDF, senior representatives of partnering academic institutions: University of Bristol, Henry Royce Institute/University of Manchester and  Imperial College London, plus an EPSRC representative, and the chair of the Advisory Board. The Board will meet once a year where the PIs will provide an overview of the progress of the partnership, achievements, issues, risks, opportunities, and review EDI and  responsible research metrics.

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board will be established with broader representation including all project partners and independent advisors from the wider community engaged in digital engineering nationally and international to provide independent oversight and stimulate opportunities for wider collaboration.

The Advisory Board will:

  • provide independent review on the progress and direction of the partnership to the Operations Board, Steering Board and EPSRC (independent members only)
  • provide leadership in the field or representative of other target industries who can be consulted by the consortium to ensure the scientific novelty of the partnership is guaranteed
  • serve as ambassadors of the partnership and disseminate the results outside nuclear community
  • provide source of network for the PDRAs and PhD students.

The Advisor Board will meet at least once a year shortly before the Steering Board and annual General Assembly.

Operations Board

The Operations Board, including PI’s, Co-I’s and WP leads, which will meet quarterly, will provide routine technical steering of the programme ensuring the overall direction of the programme and resource allocation is optimised, again building on existing governance arrangements.

The Operations Board will also be responsible for co-ordinating the three work packages.



The Partnership will produce annual reports about the progress of the project. You can view these reports here: