Project Organisations

This ambitious Prosperity Partnership brings together five lead organisations, supported by several other project stakeholders as part of the consortium.

EDF – lead industrial organisation 

EDF is one of the UK’s largest energy companies and its largest producer of low-carbon electricity,
generating ∼20% of the UK’s electricity. EDF is leading the UK’s nuclear renaissance with the construction of the first nuclear power station in a generation at Hinkley Point C. 

University of Bristol – lead academic organisation 

The University of Bristol is the lead academic organisation of SINDRI. It has a long-term, strategic relationship with EDF evidenced by >£10M investment over the past ten years, including support for people and technical development in structural integrity through the Solid Mechanics Research Group

EDF-supported research at Bristol, both in advanced experimental techniques and cutting-edge simulation, is scientifically pioneering and has resulted in high impact publications in prestigious journals often co-authored by EDF staff. 

EDF is also a member of the South West Nuclear Hub, which is based at the University of Bristol. It is a strategic alliance of academia, industry and governmental organisations leading civil nuclear research, innovation and skills in the South West of the UK.

University of Manchester 

The University of Manchester has worked with EDF for many years, co-funding the Modelling and Simulation Centre (MaSC) since 2011. At MaSC industrial experts work alongside academics, delivering scientific excellence and advancing the reach and capability of modelling and simulation through co-development of EDF’s simulation tools Code_Aster and Code_Saturne. 

Henry Royce Institute

The Henry Royce Institute, based at The University of Manchester, is a Partnership of nine leading institutions – the universities of Cambridge, Imperial College London, Liverpool, Leeds, Oxford, Sheffield, the National Nuclear Laboratory, and UKAEA.

The Royce coordinates over £300 million of facilities, providing a joined-up framework that can deliver beyond the current capabilities of individual Partners or research teams.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London has over 30 years of close collaboration with EDF as evidenced by the impact its research outputs, funded by EDF, has had on international codes and testing standards, which are used by EDF as well as a large number of other nuclear and non-nuclear industries.

Alongside the Universities of Bristol and Manchester, Imperial are a member of the EDF-supported High Temperature Centre, along-running research collaboration founded in 2009.

Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)

The Scientific Machine Learning (SciML) group within Rutherford Appleton Laboratory of STFC is one of the leading research groups in the UK working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Science. The group develops and applies various state-of-the-art machine learning or AI technologies to accelerate the process of scientific discovery. STFC will provide capabilities of analysing large experimental datasets autonomously and developing fast-running surrogate models.

Other Project Stakeholders